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Materials + Care

Creating the proper quality apron starts with sourcing the proper materials.  American-made materials.  From the denim to the leather, the beeswax to the leather dye, as an apron company we believe in seeking out the highest quality, American made products and crafting them in to a product that we can stand behind.


Couple things to keep your Proper Apron Company goods looking proper.

Denim  We use raw denim from Cone Mills, and like those favorite pair of jeans of yours, our aprons will only get better will age and wear.  To keep them looking their best, it best to wash as little as possible, and in cold water.  Air drying is best.  With certain colors, some dye way ware off onto skin/other clothing items during the first couple of uses.

Leather Leather will do what leather does best...break in.  But to keep it looking its best, and prolong it’s life (to infinity), we recommend conditioning it 1-2 times a year using a leather-specific conditioner.

*Please be certain to remove leather straps before washing aprons

Waxed Canvas Our waxed canvas is hand-waxed with a blend of beeswax and paraffin wax making it water repellent, and stain resistant .  Washing is not recommended, as it will breakdown the wax (and ruin your washing machine...neither of which are good), but, if needed, a simple spot clean with just water or mild soap will get the job done