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A Proper Apron

Proper Apron Company was started with one goal in create a proper apron.   An apron that can stand up to the daily grind of your craft.  An apron that is simple and efficient, yet looks good.  An apron hand crafted with care.  

We feel we have created that apron.   

Handmade Aprons

We take great pride in creating quality handmade aprons, fit for the expert in the fires of the kitchen to the amateur paving his way. Our aprons, available in various colors of American-made denim, are built to last and keep you clean for years to come. We’ve spared no detail with adjustable leather straps and antique brass hardware, giving you not only durable handmade aprons, but beautiful ones.

Need a little bit of length added or removed from your apron to create the perfect fit? No problem. We can create custom made aprons, creating the perfect fit for you. We call ourselves Proper Apron Company for a reason. Let us know what you need, and we can work to make it happen.

 Have an entire team? Easy. Outfit your people with a durable handmade apron with our group ordering.

Chef Knife Roll

When it comes to your craft, we know you must protect your tools and take care of them if you want them to last. A chef knife roll helps to maintain the lifespan of your knives while also providing an easy, portable, and head turning carrying case. Care, style and efficiency are all key components of each product at Proper Apron Company.

As an American company based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, we take pride in our craft. From workman’s aprons to chef knife rolls, our goal is to create products that will outfit your daily work and stand up to the wear and tear each day brings.

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